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Engineered Systems & Energy Solutions (es2)  

Justin S, CEO

“Dr  (Beaman) Cohea and the Association for Leadership Practitioners has returned a thousand-fold on our investment within our core group. My company has received great benefit from the leadership and guidance of my fellow business leaders who have wholeheartedly devoted their attention, support, and thoughtful advice. I am indebted to them and very proud to be an ALP member.” 


· Increased leadership skills, presence, and practice

· Guided client through hiring new personnel by providing executive coaching to direct reports

· Increased revenues over the past year despite drop in local economy

· Coaching client through opening second business

Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (OMA)

Dave R, President

“I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Jennifer (Beaman) Cohea and the Association for Leadership Practitioners as part of my professional odyssey. Jennifer and I have worked together for the past two years helping me transition from the private sector into the world of non-profit economic development. Her insight and guidance has helped me become more effective with my board of directors, resulting in greater engagement by its members. As a result, my confidence has grown and I am successfully driving needed changes that are benefiting our clients. Jennifer has challenged me to ask more of myself and to find ways to inspire others, through humility, empathy, and being optimistic about what can be achieved. I am grateful to have such an inspiration at my side during this journey!” 


· Guided client through improving leadership skills and presence. Noticeable improvement via community-wide recognition 

o Increasing sponsor commitments; sustaining and protecting relationships with affiliate organizations and associations

· Improved leadership practices with direct reports and has drastically improved interpersonal relationships and ability to motivate, inspire and encourage innovation

· Coached client through personal challenges to avoid interrupting professional presence

In2vate, LLC

Roger D, President

“I have known and been working with Jennifer for a little more than a year. She is a fierce advocate for those that she is engaged with. My work with her has been in a group setting and as a personal coach. I have found that Jennifer has a great balance of a focused, but approachable manner. This is a rare combination. In a group setting, she makes people comfortable by allowing for an open fluid conversation. She manages this by making sure everyone has an opportunity to express their opinion. In a one on one setting, she keeps notes and holds you accountable in doing the things you said you would do. Jennifer has brought a variety of resources together for me and our business. She loves to follow up!!! I would highly recommend Jennifer as a business coach.” 


· Coached client and provided leadership development through possible company closure to realign mindset for success, while reorganizing strategy for improvement and growth 

· Coached direct reports for improving team’s productivity and interpersonal relationships

General Contracts:

San Diego University of Integrative Studies

Created Executive Leadership Program and Family Leadership Program for San Diego University of Integrative Studies: Lead the design and creation of these two programs and developed each course as part of the university’s international-based student population. Each program included 12-14 courses designed for bachelor, master-level, and certificate programs. 


· Both leadership programs have resulted in a consistent flow of students participating and graduating with a bachelor, master’s or certificate program, thereby increasing total revenue for the university

· Both programs satisfied requirements for the regional accreditation board of higher education

Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)

Delivered executive and leadership coaching to head project manager and direct reports (team) who oversaw the installation of new statewide computer systems during critical threats with statewide IT issues. 


· Substantially boosted retention of Project Managers during extremely stressful periods of high demand, strict deadlines, and threats of layoffs

· Saved the $10M contract 

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