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How Well Are You Coaching Your Staff?

Should We Be Coaching

Even When Things Are Going Welcoaching-staff-picl?

Most of us put our new hires through some sort of training or on boarding ritual. How about integrating coaching into the mix? For those of you who aren’t doing this yet, I highly recommend considering it. When we making coaching part of our work place culture – our staff realizes a culture of support and continuous opportunity, we gain an upper advantage because we get to know them better than we might otherwise, and our customers reap the benefits.

Many organizations use the term ‘coaching’ when it’s time for an employee to go through some sort of hand-holding; to help an employee get back up to par, so to speak. However, coaching doesn’t have to have that negative connotation, nor should it. Coaching should be a continuous effort.

The most successful endeavors are going to be experienced when the coach possesses some innate traits. A couple of factors to consider prior to starting a coaching program:

  • Ability to recognize an employee doing something good (not just identifying what he is doing wrong)
  • Genuine interest in sharing time and attention
  • Possess a healthy degree of empathy
  • Possess a high level of emotional intelligence
  • Exercise flexibility
  • Able to remove judgement
  • Possess genuine interest in continuous improvement
  • Sincerely able to use positive affirmations and avoid hallow compliments (and mean it)

If you need a bit of guidance, reach out to our team – we offer facilitation programs to teach coaching in the workplace. I promise… it pays off.