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The Tipping Point: Tried It Before. What Makes This Time Any Different?

older-man-pictureWhat Would Make This Time

Any Better?

It’s no secret that successful executives and successful leaders have a dedicated trusted advisor. Organizations budget for professional development for a reason. The lucky ones have secured a credible one. They know the value. They have spent years relying on their trusted advisor. The best leaders aren’t going to mess around with the risk of working with anyone less than what they deserve.

I was working with a new client a few years back who is definitely a master of his trade. He knows his stuff. He also happened to have just accepted this new role at the company and knew that he needed a trusted advisor. But, he’d been there, done that. He’d worked with coaches and mentors before and none the wiser, so he explained. So why would this time be any different?

He wasn’t feeling it.

He was resistant, to say the least. This is a key indicator that these guys are the ones who will benefit the most. The reason is because they aren’t interested in what lies behind their blind spots. They’ve ‘done it this way’ their entire career and they have a million reasons why it works.

… and it does work. After all, they are in a leadership position.

However, there is a reason why the most successful leaders have a trusted advisor. Most of them are very long term working relationships. The same thing applies with my clients. We establish a relationship that works. There is a reason credibility, integrity, and all that important stuff matters.

Needless to say, he wanted to be a tough nut to crack. a few sessions into our working relationship he explained to me that ‘after a 36 year career, I was the first person who had ever explained things to him ‘that way’’.

Most of my clients come as referrals. This particular client was no different. His board was requiring that he take advantage of the professional development budget and had contacted me. There is a reason the most successful organizational leaders secure a credible dedicated trusted advisor.