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Starting to Notice a Lack of Leadership Talent?

Lacking Leadership Talent? 

With the continuous and rapid speed of changing technology matched with all that comes with it – our contemporary organizations are facing amazing opportunities. Literally! In the same breath, we’re also realizing that it takes a lot to keep up with all of this. Talent acquisition and retention has been a challenge for leaders for some time now. But what about lack of leadership talent? It’s actually a pretty serious concern for many organizations.

Many are being promoted before they are truly ready. Oftentimes it’s solely due to seniority. What about effective – I mean truly powerful leadership talent?

Executives are promoted to leadership positions before they are truly ready for the breadth of responsibility. Many traits of an effective leader are acquired through time, sweat equity, and genuine commitment. When I say commitment, I mean above and beyond what the job description depicts. It includes far more than technical expertise.

Moreover, many organizations promote or acquire new leaders without cross-checking on some of the foundational stuff: values, self-awareness (and self-management), ability to motivate. Oftentimes people come to the workplace under-prepared.

We need to encourage our new leaders by modeling the way. We need to provide opportunities for sound mentoring so they can hone such skills. They may come to the workplace with the basic requirements to fit the job description, but is true capability recognized? How do you ensure or provide what your new leaders need?

It’s not easy. Molding our new leaders takes unwavering commitment from both sides. How do we know if our new leader possesses the desire to commit to acquiring skills beyond what one might list on a resume? First we need to accept that there is (or could be) a gap. Then act on it.

Don’t risk losing good quality developing leaders. Our customers, our staff, and certainly our bottom line depends on it. I’d love to hear how you do it. And if you don’t already have a plan, let’s talk!