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Turning Profits: Soft Skills & Your ROI

How is Your ROI Impacted?soft-skills-pic

Many leaders have their fingers on the pulse. The KPIs and ROIs pule, that is. After all, what gets measured gets done, right? It certainly rings true for our line of work. Let’s add a pinch of spice to the mix and throw in some soft skills. That usually throws off it all out of whack, doesn’t it? At least in the eyes of many.

Truth be told, soft skills are measured because they have a direct impact on our numbers. The process is the same: we’re quantifying intangible data so we have solid numbers to prove or disprove our existing strategies. We use those numbers to improve revenues. There’s a reason so many organizations do it. It’s because we need more than expert alignment, tightened policies, and amended budgets to turn around last quarters numbers. We need people to implement.

We need to be paying attention to soft skills. They are tough to acquire and even tougher to master. That’s because they are behavioral-based. Learning to master a new behavior isn’t for the faint of heart. The following are a handful of the most common and the most sought after leadership soft-skills in leading organizations (they are also what we see as innate characteristics in some of the most renowned leaders):

  • self-awareness: the ability to recognize areas we might not be so strong in. We all have weaknesses. The best leaders recognize this, accept it, and build a team around complementing those not-so-strong areas
  • self-management: the ability to control our [emotions] actions, reactions, and behavior. The best leaders realize that putting a cap on their attitude  is the best way to preserve much-needed and much-respected relationships
  • empathy: the ability to genuinely try to see things from another person’s point of view (it’s not the same as sympathy). The best leaders realize that this is actually one of the best keys to connecting with employees (in certain situations)
  • motivation: the ability to get others to do what we want them to do… because they want to do it. The best leaders realize that forcing or demanding someone to coordinate the next board meeting may work this time, but not for the long haul. Continue to demand and our best employees will be accepting the next offer that comes their way

If you aren’t taking advantage of a healthy level of soft skills, it might be worthy of consideration. Chances are – your competition already is. For those of you who aren’t using assessments with your staff, it’s never too late. Drop us a note and we’ll make sure you are maximizing your profits. We’ve got you covered.