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Seth Godin: Tribes & Leadership?

Tribes & Leadership:

Some Food for Thought by Seth Godin

He’s got a good point. A great point, as a matter of fact. For that matter, the whole concept is directly applicable to all of us who lead people.

For those of you who haven’t read Godin’s book or haven’t seen this TEDTalk before, here’s some food for thought. We’re leaders. We lead people, teams, departments, companies and some of us lead communities.

We spend a better part of our days with those we work with. When we’re leaders, we’re largely responsible for the culture, too.

 What are some of the mistakes we could avoid before that mistake creates a movement we don’t want?

 If we aren’t stepping up to the plate as a leader, our people are left running the show. That’s not always the best idea when the truth behind all of this is that its our company being impacted.

 Are we capitalizing on the unique differences in how we lead when we consider introverts versus extroverts? The differences are glaring and will and do greatly impact our companies. We simply cannot lead the same way if we chose to turn a blind eye to this one.

 What about cognitive dissonance?

 What about those of us who have accepted a new leadership position at a company where previous leadership was nothing less than… corrupt?

 All businesses have life cycles. What about your leadership?

 Is your company doing something about that weak link on the team?