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Seniority-based Promotions: The Potential Aftermath

Hiring Based on Tenure: The Potential Aftermath  

In yesterday’s Elite Leaders Forum, we had a great question come up.

The question concerns promoting based on seniority.

But what if the individual exudes attitude issues? What about the root cause here? I am a firm believer that it all points back to us. But we all know that sometimes…  it’s easier said, than done. Sometimes, it’s just not as easy as that.

For those of us who work for major corporations, we must also deal with corporate policies. I’m really interested in hearing your opinion about how to deal with tenure-based promotion policies – with an added twist: when the individual in line for the promotion  isn’t exuding leadership qualities. He is a bit resistant to some of the roles and responsibilities involved (to put it nicely). He’s also letting it be known that he’ll choose the duties that he’s most interested in (posited in comments such as “that’s not my job”).

Any thoughts?

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