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Secret to Harnessing the Answer All Business Leaders Need to Know

Simon Sinek’s Secret to Business Success

For those of you who haven’t seen this video, Simon Sinek does a beautiful job illustrating the critical nature of the #1 secret behind business success.

Leading a business is a lot like leading our lives, in general. Ever notice that management also closely mirrors parenting? Okay I know it’s not exactly the same… but the concept is the extremely similar: as managers, we’re responsible for ensuring our people follow policies and procedures, get their work done, and do it on time.

Leading takes things one step further. One huge step further. But the difference between managers and leaders can be saved for another time. Cornerstone here is that…

If you don’t understand people… you don’t understand business

~Simon Sinek

We’re human.

For those of you who already know me, happen to keep up with all of my articles and posts, or happen to have worked with me before… hearing (or reading) this message is nothing new. But I love Simon Sinek, so I wanted to really drive this one home by including this particular video.

It’s what I’ve been advocating for years. I believe in it because it is literally the core.

As leaders, we harness the power to unleash amazing potential in our companies. We can also ignore some of the most primal attributes of human behavior and run the risk that far too many business owners and leaders (still) do constantly.

You are already one step ahead because you are capitalizing on the power your competition is failing to recognize.  Take advantage of what they chose to ignore.

Then keep it up. Take heed of the vital nature of the following:

·       Common values. Common beliefs. These connect us with like-minded people

·       Live, breath, and practice your organization’s values (which should mirror your personal values)

·       Be trustworthy. To the core. Don’t waver on this one

·       Communication takes work. Garner support when needed. Effective communication requires conscious practice

·       Authenticity matters. Plus, we’re drawn to it. It’s human nature to be attracted to those whose sense of authenticity mirrors our own

We attract people whose sense of consistency, authenticity, and inherent belief systems seems like our own. Tend to those who matter to you. This includes every person who works for you.

It’s no secret that in the world of business, our most precious commodity is our people.

It’s really easy when we harness the power of human relations. It’s really easy when we consider the facts behind all of this: the life of a business owner or leader is no different than leading our personal lives.

Harness the power of your workplace relationships. Protect those relationships by being authentic. Click here to watch

Simon Sinek: If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business