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What is the REAL Foundation of Leadership?

Posner Shares the Four Primary Traits:

The REAL Foundation of Leadership

If people don’t believe in the message, they certainly aren’t going to believe the messenger [you, their leader] (Posner, 2015).

There are four fundamental things we subconsciously look for when we are willing to follow. By using the word follow, I really mean people whose core includes traits such as

·       Honesty, genuine trust

·       Competency (good judgement, etc)

·       Inspirational, optimistic, passionate

·       Have a purpose, vision, reason for doing what they doing..

Ahhhh.. credibility is a biggie here. Dynamic and enthusiastic people are obviously really easy to identify in good leaders.

Credibility is …. the foundation of leadership. And that word carries a lot more than the simple definition.

The best leaders are genuinely interested in continuous improvement. Interested in learning. It’s really that simple. That comes from enthusiasm. It comes from passion and vision. It also comes from our mission and a genuine desire for what we do.

People will not believe the message, if they don’t believe in the messenger (Posner, 2015).

For those of you who haven’t seen this simple, but powerful TEDTalk… let me know what you think? It’s covers the core. The fundamentals of what we do, who we are… it’s the core of leadership.

Posner is an amazing author. He does a brilliant job illustrating the real truth behind leadership. I mean… the stuff the Average Joe may not even the realize 🙂