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Productivity Taking a Dip? Five Top Areas We Ought to Consider

 Five Top Areas We Ought to Consider

…. When Productivity Takes a Dip

Consistently strong productivity is so valued. As leaders, we are certainly worthy of a solid pat on the back when we have achieved a workplace where productivity isn’t a concern. Truth be told, just like any other function within an organizations structure and life cycle is the fact that we can always, always and always be prepared for change.We’re dealing with human beings, too. As leaders, managers, bosses, or whatever general title you happen to hold, we all realize that we need people to help our organization function. The best leaders and managers know their people well enough to know what makes them tick. A common theme that I can almost guarantee all of us share is that not one of us appreciates wasted time.

On that note, according to Warner (2017), five areas that we should focus on to prevent productivity drains:

  • Process and procedures that aren’t clear; and systems and policies that aren’t well developed
  • Unwarranted or unnecessary communication (i.e. meetings that are redundant or time wasters, excessive emailing)
  • Distractions, interruptions, and multi-tasking. Each of these are prime for increased errors rates and certainly… for reduced productivity
  • Failing to take advantage of automated tasks. Conducting repetitive tasks manually really, really slows things down
  • Office politics and toxic employees are definitely time wasters and morale drainers


What have you noticed to be top drains on workplace productivity? What tips could you offer to to help others who experience this?