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Being Prepared to Lead in 2017

Leading in 2017

We’ve hit the ground running. We’re already a couple weeks into January and it sure feels like we’re at it full force, doesn’t it?! We’ve all got goals that are industry and company-specific, but the great thing about leadership is that we all share this common thread.

Regardless of our industry, we all know that as leaders, we are responsible for leading people.

Even considering the external environment (such as the political front) and other factors impacting our organizations, we still have a lot of power and control.

It’s funny when you think about those two words: power and control. As leaders, much of what we do stems from those two concepts. But what do those words really mean when it comes to leadership?

The power to motivate and guide; and the control of managing how we do it (through influence). The key here is: how we do it.

Lots of people misunderstand what power and control really mean. It all starts with real relationships. Whether or not people want to believe it, businesses – for all intents and purposes…. are built (and thrive) on relationships.

Take advantage of what this really means by considering the importance of:

  • Knowledge sharing: rather than considering additional resources as a pleasantry, remove borders from knowledge sharing
  • Invest in continuous development efforts (aka professional development opportunities). Our cross-generations need and deserve it. Our Millennials and Gen Z’s yearn and expect it
  • For those leaders who aren’t privy to the art of emotional and social intelligence, invest in the time and energy to enhance these skills. It will pay off in spades

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