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Multi-generational Workplace: How Do You Manage?

Generations in the Workplace:

How Do You Do It? 

Bridging the gap – it’s something almost all of us are either directly involved with or know someone who is. From Millennials and Generation X to Baby Boomers, there is that common theme: we’re striving to not only find harmony in the workplace, but to satisfy common challenges.

Consider the positive ingredients: our Baby Boomers bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to our workplace. We can rely on Gen Xers for being extremely self-reliant. Combine that with our Millennials – who are the first generation to genuinely embrace diversity.

But what about the challenges thereof? Any suggestions??

People-centered leadership is a good idea. It applies to every generation 🙂 It’s meeting the needs of everyone in our workplace.

I know – sometimes that’s easier said than done.

The truth of the matter is that regardless of which generation we’re a part of, people – across the board, demonstrate improved performance when they feel empowered. Another consideration here is the fact that every generation desires fulfilling work. We all want to know we’re valuable and valued.

I really appreciate the way Monch (n.d.) breaks down each generation’s most prominent characteristics in her article here. It’s nice to see things spelled out so clearly. Click here to read more.