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Our Millennials: A True Gift to Our Business

The Wealth of Opportunity in Our Staffmillinneals-team-picture

Most of us have some millennials on staff. If you happen to be one of those who don’t – you should reconsider what you are missing out on. Just like any other generations, they provide a wealth of talent and skill other generations aren’t as naturally privy to. However, as organizational leaders, we are the ones responsible for capitalizing on the gifts they bring to our workplace. We are also entirely responsible for properly navigating areas we feel are in need of honing – areas critical to promoting the face of our business.

Millennials are redefining what many of us have grown accustomed to. Growing up in a generation far different from ours, they possess some amazing skills that many of us simply aren’t as privy to. As organizational leaders, we also realize that the best defense is to arm our team with a diverse skill set. I realize they come with their own set of challenges – but every generation does. I also realize is what a gift our millennials are to our businesses.

Believe it or not, studies show that millennials appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience that seasoned generations possess– the type of skill that is acquired through time. Better yet, they place a whole lot of value on people. Combine this with their amazing abilities to navigate the technology front, and we have an ideal leader. If we are going capitalize on the gift we have in our millennials, we ought to take advantage of what they bring to the workplace.

Our job is to empower them. Consider the ease of weaving their skill sets into your businesses to make a win/win:

  • Provide opportunities so they can help their peers. Remember – they enjoy the people part
  • Create a culture where they know their efforts to help others is recognized
  • Invite them to share the insight that makes their generation different from ours. They can teach us a lot
  • Be sure they have coaching and mentoring opportunities throughout their career. They will grow faster. Let them know you are listening to them
  • Show them the value of building and exuding integrity and credibility
  • Transform the mindset that personal agility isn’t the only trait needed to thrive in today’s landscape – show them how to lead through the power of emotional intelligence
  • Consider mentoring in areas of time and stress management, insomuch as appropriate delegation skills
  • Incorporate leadership opportunities into their roles early on. They might surprise you

We all realize the longevity at any particular company isn’t as common as it used to be. Strive to satisfy their needs and in turn – they will use their talents to support your business. The likelihood of retention increases when they know how much they are valued.

How do you know whether your millennials feel valued? What are they doing to show their loyalty to you?