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We Might Be Coming Across Rude, Even When We Don’t Mean It

Coming Across Rude in an Email?

Communication is hard enough as it is. Couple that with the reality that many of us rely on technology for a lot of our communication channels and we’ve added another layer of complexity to the challenge. Even though we know that written communication is void of tone and inflection, it’s amazing to consider the impact we have – whether we mean it or not.

Truth be told, the manner in which an email is written does carry weight. It’s a preamble to the personality behind the words. We’re discovering the level of respect the sender exudes. We’re also learning a bit about whether consideration has been given to ensuring the message is being received the way it was intended.

If you think about it – initial correspondence patterns are a pathway to how a person conducts themselves ‘in real life’.

Some of us didn’t grow up with technology, but it doesn’t mean we’re exempt. It just means that we need to take a few extra steps to learn the ropes.

It’s common courtesy.

Just like in face to face conversations, the focal point of email or written correspondence should have the receivers interest at heart.

Some of you might have caught on that I teach graduate level classes every once in a while. You’d be surprised to learn how many students I have who don’t do whatever it takes to make sure their correspondence is on point. You’d think they’d want to make a good impression.

Truth be told – I don’t think they realize just how important it is.

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