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Regardless of industry or formal title, being a business leader is a rewarding position. Yet, it comes with a myriad of obligations that land solely on our shoulders. Organizational leaders, senior executives, C-level managers, and business owners all share a commonality – sitting at the helm comes with a whole lot of responsibility.

As business leaders, we realize that we can accomplish our goals much faster together than alone – after all, that’s why we have a team and staff and why we use vendors, contractors, etc. Yet, sitting at the helm can be an isolating experience, even with a full staff at our disposal — because it is our responsibility to ensure that business runs smoothly, we reach our goals, and continue to succeed. In today’s economic environment, globalization has forced organizational leaders into heightened strategic measures. Faced with increasing pressure to compete in a global market, while balancing the art of baby boomer staff to millennials, leaders are finding that mitigating risk, increasing sales, balancing a budget, and executing strategic plans are that much more complex.

What makes membership different from coaching, consulting, or mentoring? Our meetings are composed of business leaders who recognize the significance of a support system. Members are business leaders who have already reached a measure of success, but who value participating in processes that ensure even greater success. Many are prior clients who have graduated into membership status. Members come together for monthly meetings to collaborate, hash out, and strategize. Since members are either prior clients or have met the fastidious criteria to join, they come from a variety of industries so their competition isn’t in the room.

Integrity and credibility are cornerstone to why our clients sustain results. Our holistic approach is designed to do the heavy lifting; to get the root of the issue; and to capitalize on opportunities most efficiently. Members are able to create improved stratemembers peoplegic plans with peers who know what it’s like to sit at the helm. With an executive coach facilitating the process, our workshops are designed to address real world issues.

The power of what happens in these workshops transforms the way members do business. Our workshops provide organizational leaders, senior executives, and business owners the tools to achieve optimal performance, execute strategies, improve effectiveness, streamline processes, and ultimately bring clarity.

In addition, membership includes private executive leadership coaching. Executive coaching is tailored specifically to each member’s unique situation and needs; to enhance and compliment the value received at our monthly group meetings. To learn more about our membership program, submit an inquiry and one of our coaches will schedule an introductory call. Should we believe that membership may be right for you, the next step is to schedule a complementary strategy session.

Consider attending, as a guest, at our virtual membership group, the Executive Leader’s Forum. This group is a live virtual forum hosted monthly and designed specifically for our contemporary elite leaders. We are taking advantage of the ability to unite our elite leaders, regardless of industry or geographic location. Regardless of industry, the one commonality members share, is that we all know what it’s like to sit at the helm. Take advantage of the peer group process. Those moderated by a seasoned, credentialed coach are 76% more likely to succeed. To learn more about this group, click here. For a more comprehensive illustration, click here.membership-pic-3

While searching for the perfect fit, please note that credible coaches require some type of accreditation – usually by of holding a terminal degree in the field or in the form of certification from a nationally or internationally based coaching federation.

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