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Let This Season Be the Time for Transformation

Extending the Happiest of Holidays this Year! 

Let This Season Be the Time for Transformation

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care ~Theodore Roosevelt

Appreciation, gratitude, and celebrations can come across as obligatory during the holidays. When our people know that we genuinely care about them, it isn’t ‘saved’ for the holidays. Remember, gifts and tokens of appreciation are wonderful – but what really matters is how they are delivered.

When you think about it, leadership is no different. It’s how we lead that matters.

Why not transform such positivity into a norm at your workplace?

You are their leader. You hold the power to transform a workplace that honors and celebrates holidays into one where gratitude and appreciation is a norm. Norm is the key word here 🙂

There is immense power in practicing gratitude and appreciation year-round. Not only does it greatly improve morale and productivity, but it’s a really nice practice to adopt because the benefits can’t help but spill over into our personal lives. Some tips for transforming your workplace into one where employees don’t have to wait for the holidays to feel appreciated:

  • Get to know your staff. Be interested in what makes them tick. For larger organizations, this may take a bit more work for the leader, but it pays off. It really pays off
  • Use eye contact. Use people’s names often. It’s the most beautiful sound in the world when it’s coming from an otherwise distant leader
  • Find something good in everyone. There is always something good we can identify in the most challenging of employees. Use this to your advantage. They will respond positively and will yearn for more. It’s one of the easiest ways to garner attention
  • Say thank you often and mean it. These two simple words carry so much clout
  • Remove any lip service. It’s the fasted way to lose credibility in your efforts
  • Receive feedback. Your honest and transparent attention here will pay off in spades

I read a study that argued that nine out of 10 American’s believe we’re facing a leadership crisis. As we are closing out 2016 and nearing the time for making resolutions, we might consider another one. One that will pepper the halls of our company. One that will follow us home. Perhaps another great New Year’s Resolution might be to transform our companies to integrate appreciation and gratitude … as a norm.

The Innate Pathways

The really cool part about all of this is how we are wired as human beings. The topography of our minds is positioned as a very strategic state. Three major regions of our brain are hard at work — actually creating intentional plans for us. The hard work is done for us! We’re literally provided a high road to guide our actions.

This neural circuitry actually does a lot of the work for us. We just need to act on it.

These social pathways are quite busy priming us to take advantage of things like appreciation and gratitude. It’s ours for the taking. It’s how we deal with it that separates us from the others.

There’s all sorts of things we can do for others during this holiday season. I’d love to hear about what you are planning and more so, how together we can transform warm holiday wishes into a constant reality.

  • People are 12 times more likely to want to sustain a solid working relationship with us when we’ve taken the time to deliver a heart-felt ‘thank you’
  • Our staff is 81% more committed when they know how much they are valued
  • Blind optimism can backfire. It will backfire if it’s not grounded in reality
  • Six out of 10 employees have committed to a 2017 goal as finding a new job. Why? Leadership
  • 32% of American’s with bad bosses attribute poor leadership as the most stressful part of their job
  • We can and should continue to work on this one: only six out of 10 employees feel empowered to pursue leadership   positions (Barna Research Group)

You have the power to create reality in your workplace. Do it.

The great part – I mean the really great part is that this comes without a price tag (in most cases). A smile, a kind gesture, words of encouragement, even a pat on the back costs nothing and mean so much.