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Leadership: Looks Are Everything

Looks Are Everything


… the Life of the Leader

Looks are everything, or so they say. I’m not talking about that Armani suit or Birkin handbag. Looking the part by presenting ourselves well physically is a given. What I’m talking about runs far deeper than anything we decide to wear to that major board meeting.

In today’s competitive landscape, how we present ourselves means a lot. Our outlook, our perception, how we see things propels our attitude. Our attitude directly impacts others.  Remember  – attitudes are contagious.

So, what does this really mean?

We’ve all dealt with people who crumble in the face of uncertainty, challenge, threats, and risk. We may not have control over some of the external environment or other people’s behavior, but we do have complete control in our attitude.

So how does this play out in real life?

When faced with uncertainty, leaders see conviction: when leaders provide a sense of conviction, followers are more secure. When our employees feel secure, they can focus on their work. When people feel secure, they tend to naturally be more productive – and the positive veil continues to unfold. Read more about leaders with conviction by clicking here.

Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela are good examples.

When faced with challenge, leaders see opportunity: when leaders face challenges head on, it shapes the culture of the organization. When our direct reports or even our board of directors know we are facing challenge, the leader who transforms, rather than bowing down, sets the stage for an innovate culture.

Harland David Sanders (aka Colonel Sanders) and Mother Teresa are great examples.

In our average business though – what people generally don’t see is how many times a leader has tripped along the way.

When faced with threats, leaders see possibility: our businesses face more threats in today’s contemporary world than what the average employee could ever imagine. The leader with steadfast conviction, backed by his strong sense of integrity, will provide his followers strength and backbone. It’s what sets us apart.

Bill Gates and Socrates are good examples.

When faced with risk, leaders see reward: when leaders see the glass half full, the ideology spills over into the entire workforce. Our businesses will face risk, but it’s how we deal with it that matters.

Orville and Wilbur Wright and Harry Truman are great examples.