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Leadership Development Topping 2017 Objectives?

Since Leadership Development Tops Plans for 2017…

I thought I’d throw in tidbits to help those of you interested in continuous leadership development. I hope and I invite other leadership practitioners here in our virtual forum to jump in and share 🙂

Did you know that according to a recent study at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council – that self- awareness is the top 75% most important trait for a leader to develop?

So what does that actually mean? That we are aware of our behavior and attitude?

Well, yes, but more than that. It also means that we are well aware of what triggers changes in our attitudes and behaviors. It means that we are aware of how beautifully our strengths complement our role at work. It also means that we realize those areas that aren’t- necessarily-our-strengths and more so, that we act accordingly so we don’t mess things up, fall up short, or waste time working in areas that use those particular areas.

It means we know how to connect with others because we are very aware of how we operate. It’s the ability to listen to our intuition while still being rational and objective.

It’s the ability to make sound decisions. It’s the willingness to learn from our experiences. It’s being truly open to feedback.

It’s admitting that we all have blind spots and more so, doing something about it.

It really boils down to the ability to recognize how our emotions affect our performance. It’s understanding how our values guide the decisions we make, the conversations we hold. It’s like a compass – when we possess a healthy level of self-awareness, we can and should use it as a rudder for some of those really tough situations.

It means a whole gamut of things associated to who we are and how ‘in-tune’ we are with that reality. That is a powerful statement when it concerns a leader. That’s why self-awareness is such a critical trait in leaders (actually, I believe it is a wonderful trait for anyone to possess, in general).

According to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business Advisory Council, contemporary leaders are struggling in areas such as

  • 73% are challenged by healthy communication channels. More specifically, they lack of clarity in communicating with others
  • 59% are simply unable to work effectively in teams (which leads me to wonder how they are properly team building or even team leading?)
  • 55% are genuinely unclear about their organization’s vision
  • 9% are inept with common technical ability

So that means as whole, we’re doing pretty good in the technical ability arena. However, the rest leaves a lot to be desired. It also means that these underdeveloped traits are carried and practiced by many of leaders who we are relying on, too.

Those leaders who are operating companies where we shop, where we are customers, clients, where we dine. Where we bank, carry our mortgage, rely on mechanic’s support. What’s more, they are leading schools our children attend.

Let’s keep leadership development alive in our workplaces. Everyone benefits.