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Leadership: (the concept) Likened to an Affair?

Leadership: Akin to an Affair? 

… the legitimate type of affair. I don’t mean one of infidelity.

People are given a lot of credit when they dedicate themselves to something or really hard or challenging. The same applies in our workplace.

But then there’s this myth that we’re supposed to leave it at the door. When we come to work, we’re supposed to be purely rational. You know that adage, ‘it’s nothing personal. It’s just business’. Detach your feelings… and just get back to work.

Like we can really do that. We’re human.

So, where’s the disconnect?

There isn’t one. Or I should say, there shouldn’t be any disconnect. Studies show that the greatest performing leaders and managers are those who are invested.  The best leaders are those who are connected, flexible, adaptable, and are in sync with others on a non-verbal level. They are aware of the art of listening and recognize the power of social awareness. They are more encouraging. They motivate from a center that isn’t void of emotion. They know they are motivating human beings, not machines.

I know there’s plenty of cynics out there, so I want to address reality: of course we can’t turn a blind eye to the real world. I’m not saying our organizations can thrive on this concept alone. I’m just asking that we all consider the power of positive energy.

Think about it for a minute. Honor and conviction are a couple of traits we find in a leader who we label as a leader with integrity.

Commitment, persistence, and tenacity are all attached by the same common thread. We take the time to acquire new knowledge that will help our organizations. Oftentimes we do this outside the realm of the standard 9 to 5. We do so, even if our job doesn’t ‘require’ it. We can also add ‘risk’ to the list. Leaders who take risks do so because they care (for the most part, I mean).

We are much more likely to excel when are led…

by a leader who cares

Ever notice how easy it is to follow a leader who cares enough to jump in and help when we’re understaffed? Or how easy it is to want to make our leader proud when their eyes shine with pride when we do great work? How about the leader who actually listens to us when we have a good idea?

It’s human nature to want to make them proud. Plus, we are much more likely to put our best foot forward. It actually gives us a boost of confidence, too.

What’s happening? Our emotions have been elevated and we actually end up being more capable. These leaders are helping to transform mindsets and its human nature to respond positively.

Ever consider why we tend like someone? It’s usually because of how they make us feel. I know – leadership isn’t a popularity contest. True leaders do what’s right, even when that means that some people aren’t going to like the answer. It’s par for the course. It’s part of being an effective leader. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

An authentic leader, a servant leader – even a transformational or situational leader all share a common vein: when we’re passionate about our organizations and our work, it shows.How do we get our staff to engage more?

Let them know how much you genuinely care.