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Hire Right – the First Time


Hire Rightthe First Time

Believe it or not, an uncertain economy is an ideal time to hire. Many, if not most companies can’t fathom the idea of hiring more people when our economy is facing so many challenges. However,

♦People are looking for work. Snag the good ones before the economy takes a turn and your competitors realize it’s time to hire

♦Provide quality training while you have the time – before you get too busy when the economy takes a turn

♦Take advantage of the wealth of information provided in assessments. Even when people think they are sharing all of their strengths and qualities that make them an ideal candidate for the job – there is far more that simply can’t be said. Those assessments hold the answers

♦Create a culture of loyalty. Build good relationships with your new hires now, so when the economy takes a turn and your competitors are offering attractive opportunities, you can beat it – plus, you have already established a sound working relationship

♦Take the time to identify why they want the job. Watch for signs that they need the work, more than they want the position

♦Watch for signs of lack of alignment. New hires are usually putting their best foot forward during the honeymoon stage – if you notice something that seems off kilter, chances are… it’s going to get worse, not better. Did you hire right the first time?

There is a lot to be said in the adage, hire someone who is trainable before hiring for skill. If they can be trained, skill can be learned. The brightest kid on the block is no good if he is resistant to training. Every company is a unique, living system – everyone, regardless of how good they look on paper – will need time to acclimate.

If they aren’t trainable, their brilliance isn’t going to do your company any good.  What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in hiring?