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The Happy Secret: How to Improve Our Work

TEDTalk: The Happy Secret to Better Work


For those of you who know me or may have read some of my previous posts, it’s no secret that I’m a huge advocate for being happy.

In this funny TEDTalk, Shawn Achor shares the secret to better work. The secret is something so simple. Completely free. Plus it’s contagious 🙂 The secret to better work – be it at home or in the workplace – happiness.

Being happy increases productivity.

75% of our chances for professional success lies in:

  • Optimism
  • Ability to see stress as an opportunity
  • Positivity and productivity
  • and social support

So, as leaders, we can and should be offering social support. Our workplace should be a positive place to spend our days. Our organization should close ranks and consider stress as an opportunity for change (we can’t get away from that one no matter how hard we try, so we might as well transform it).

Consider the implications:

Intelligence, creativity, and energy rises with positivity. I don’t know a leader who doesn’t want that for his or her workforce.

  • We are 31% productive when our workplace culture is weaved with positivity
  • Those in sales are 37% more successful when they are positive, by nature
  • Medical doctors are 19% more accurate (and achieve results faster) with correct diagnosis when positivity is part of their core (Achor, 2017)

As leaders, our job is to sustain this in our organizations. For those of you who might be struggling with this, I highly recommend striving to reverse the stigma.

The Neuroanatomy Behind This

Our brains are releasing dopamine when we’re happy. The cool part is that our brain is busy taking notes. It’s doing the work for us. In turn, we can and will actually rewire our brains to adapt to this positive pattern.

Why do I advocate taking notes with my clients? Because rereading those notes, re-triggers those positive dopamine patterns to strengthen the outcome. It speeds up the process. The momentum – the way our brain is rewiring for positivity – is greatly increased. Just as a heads-up, Shawn speaks pretty quickly. It’s good stuff though 🙂

It directly impacts our bottom line.

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