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Happy Employees, Happy Customers: 5 Ingredients for Success

Hats Off to Organizations with Happy Employees:

5 Ingredients for Success

Just like anything in our personal lives, when we’re happy – it tends to pepper the lives of those we’re closest to. Same thing applies in the workplace. When our employees are happy, it spills over to our customers.

Our customers see it. They sense it. They know it.

Want to hear a cute example? I was at Olive Garden over the weekend and a waiter was carrying a boatload of dinner plates up over his shoulder, like waiters/waitresses do. Low and behold, somehow he tripped and the plates splattered everywhere.

Oh my, oh my. How embarrassing is that?

The impressive part was that all the wait staff and managers on duty closed ranks. They all stopped what they were doing and gave him a big round of applause (with all the whistles that go with it). Before I could even put two and two together, they had all surrounded him, picking everything up… and had it cleaned up in no time flat.

Rather than ridiculing him, they helped. No need for ridicule. I’m sure he was embarrassed enough as it was.

Later, I found out that this is one of their policies. Should a wait person flub up, everyone gives him a round of applause – all the while moving like troops to get it all fixed. Get it corrected asap and help the guy or gal out.

It redirects attention away from the mistake and refocuses on keeping customers entertained (and happy).

As a customer, I was impressed. Yes, there was an obvious delay in getting dinner to whoever that waiter was serving, but I’d be willing to bet they have another policy to whip out replacements asap – to reduce the impact on the customer.

Hats off to Olive Garden 😉

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