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What? Got a Real Rival at Work and Didn’t Even Know It?

Nemesis. Adversary. Contender. Foe. Rival.

One in the Workplace and Didn’t Even Realize It?

Such is life. Funny how this type of stuff follows us far past high school, isn’t it though? Well, it’s really not so funny. Not at all. There is a healthy degree of the competition borne of knowing that our nemesis is out there. Knowing we’ve got challengers and competitors can actually be part of the fun.

Or I should say, it’s part of the fun for those of us who possess a healthy competitive streak. As leaders, I think it’s safe to say that this is a quality most of us share. Competition is good. It’s fun. It can be fun…

No matter how hard we work on creating and sustaining a healthy workplace culture, the challenge is real. It’s real because we’re dealing with human beings.

Human beings are the most fluid, and the most utterly and outrageously complex factors involved in an organizational system. Or so it seems.

But being aware of the fact that some of the fakers are really, really good at it should be keeping us on our toes. That ally that seems uncharacteristically interested in our well-being?

Well, that’s an obvious clue.

As leaders, it’s actually one more thing to add to our list of responsibilities. It’s up to us to make sure our workplace culture is pointed in the right direction. Nemesis or best friends. It doesn’t matter. Click here to read more about how You Could Have a Workplace Rival and Not Even Know it.

Business is business and when it comes right down to it – we should be focusing on the power of our leadership and how it ever-so-literally impacts our bottom line. (it’s part of what makes my work so wonderfully interesting!)