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Got One in the Workplace? 5 Tips for Dealing with Workplace Bullies

Workplace Bully? 

5 Tips to Help Put it to a Stop

Ever try to teach someone how to drive a stick shift? Trying to explain how the clutch and the gas petal (or brakes!) work in unison can be quite a challenge.

When we understand why something works the way it works, it can make it easier to navigate. Same thing applies to lots of things that are challenging to navigate, correct, or shift into alignment.

When it comes to workplace bullying, the same concept applies. When we understand why the bully is acting out – it can shed light on how to best approach the situation. And put a cap on it.

There’s lots of reasons why the bully is acting out. But the truth of the matter is that it’s not fair to others in the workplace. It interferes with productivity, morale, and a myriad of other areas that directly impact our work.

  • bullies don’t like to be isolated, so join ranks to create a sense of boundaries. The best way to deal with bullies at work is to group together with your co-workers and expose their behavior, so they lose their power (Lamia, 2017)
  • talk it out. Strive to get the individual to open up. When they do, be empathetic. I know, that’s easier said than done, but transparency will help you get to the root of where this behavior is stemming from
  • if the relationship is worth saving, discuss options to help and support the individual
  • realize that it’s oftentimes borne of shame. Capitalize on your emotional intelligence skills to properly navigate the reality so steps toward rectification can be successful

If the behavior is deemed uncontrollable, remember that time, energy, and resources are usually better spent on your top performers. Read more about Dr Lamia’s article, The Psychology of a Workplace Bully.

As a leader – how do you deal with a bully in the workplace?