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Our Foundation: The Power of Trust

The Power of Trust

As leaders, we know that our workplace culture is largely attributed to how we lead. A lot of what we do is attributed to the ability to motivate others; to inspire and lead the way. The art of persuasion is pretty handy tool, too.

But it all starts with trust.

We can’t buy it. We certainly can’t force it. When it comes to trust in the workplace, it all starts with us.

For those of you who know me, I’m a big fan of strengths-based approach to leadership (and executive) development. Why? Because it evokes confidence. Addressing gaps then becomes a very realistic and attainable goal. We can fortify existing skills and competencies closely aligned to one’s natural styles and really capitalize on leadership presence.

It also gives us a really good opportunity to let those who work for us know that what we do and who we are… is based on a foundation of trust.

Plus, it’s much more enjoyable 🙂 People respond well. In turn, we see it in our bottom line. To read more, click here about Zak (2017) information supporting the fact that organizations with high levels of trust tend to experience:

  • 74% less stress
  • 106% more energy
  • 50% increased productivity
  • 13% reduction in absences (due to illness)
  • 76% increased engagement
  • 29% overall life satisfaction
  • 40% reduced burnout

We hold the power to create and sustain the culture we want.