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For the Love of Entrepreneurship

Attention Entrepreneurs:

There is a Primal Link

For those of you who might have missed my article about leadership being akin to an affair (a genuine affair of the heart – not one of infidelity!), I thought it was time to follow up with a bit of science behind the assertion.

I am fairly well-versed in the science behind leadership. Furthermore, I still stand firm that leadership, entrepreneurship, or owning and operating a business is one we do because 1) we are passionate about the work and 2) we’ve mastered the art of our trade.

In this Wall Street Journal article, readers may follow up on the concept. The part that I love is that it is backed by science. It is certainly research-based. Whether or not people call it fluff or accept the reality – we are in a leadership position because we genuinely and truly enjoy what we do.

Plus, we’re pretty good at it 😉

For all of you leaders out there, I hope you enjoy reading an addendum to the original blog I posted a few months ago.

Akst (2017) has done a beautiful job linking the reality, the core, and the truth that drives most of us to do what we do~