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Figuring Out What Our Customers Want

Same Concept Applies with Our Team, Too


Our company provides a product or a service people want or need. It’s really that simple when you think about it. We’re in business because we’re honing in on perfecting the art and practice of delivering services or products that will either make people’s lives easier or provide something they will enjoy.

Whether it’s fine tuning visualization capabilities for high-definition imaging systems for the medical field or discovering a method to sustain improved hydrocyclone sets for mud tanks, or more along the lines of operating the communities best bar and grill – the common denominator is – as a leader in our industry, we know what people want (or need).

For instance, say your company has recently designed a method treats drilling fluids using the hydrocyclones, thereby greatly improving the ratio of bit cuttings without losing too much liquid – we all know that forcing them or demanding that they place an order isn’t going to work.

Using the same mindset with our team works the same way. We know some members of our team are more focused on making sure the right people are involved, some are better with thinking practically, and others see things black and white. However, slapping the project on the middle of the conference table and demanding they drive home sales for 2017 out of the ballpark isn’t going to be nearly as effective as coaching, motivating, and inspiring them to move forward~