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Individual & Organizational Assessments

In today’s contemporary landscape, organization’s rely on data to drive results. Executives and leaders recognize that measuring data is the first step to executing improved strategic plans. Whether it’s organizational culture or external environmental threats, organizations need tangible results to improve alignment and execute properly.

All of our standard programs include the use of assessments. We do this for a reason. Our clients are human beings and possess blind spots. Even the most transparent individual is unfamiliar with his blind spots. By using the ADVanced Insights triology of indexes, our team is able to derive information retrieved from the comprehensive data to enhance and tailor each client’s program. As a result, clients are introduced to information that will greatly enhance their goal achievement program, while mitigating unnecessary risk.

It is not uncommon that companies will request members of our team to host workshops specifically for the execution of department or company-wide assessments. Organizational leaders are privy to the wealth of information provided – the same data needed to execute improved strategic positioning, especially when navigating terrain that is largely technology driven, met with the current uncertain economic position.

These results prepare the client and organization for optimal performance and increased strategic planning thereby secure heightened success rates.

Some common uses include:advanced-insights-logo

  • Improving management and/or leadership standards & assessing managers or leaders against organizational standards
  • Assisting in talent acquisition and retention: increasing departmental or workplace productivity
  • Judicious strategic planning: revamping business plans & restoring stagnant growth
  • Contesting external environmental threats & organization-wide risk mitigation
  • Executing cost reduction measures & realigning or downsizing workforce; eliminating silos
  • Improving customer service and satisfaction

Whether part of a program or circumstantial, the Association for Leadership Practitioners offers a variety of assessments for a myriad of purposes. Individual and organizational success is attained by recognizing that what gets measured, gets done.

Our client’s range from independent executives, to start-ups, to Fortune 100s. None are exempt from the wealth of information these results provide. Our goal is to assist in debriefing, thereby providing the tools needed to capitalize on individual, leadership, and organizational potential.

With the constant demands facing organizations, eminent threats can be profound, pervasive changes are ever-luring, laws and regulations are constantly updated, and customer needs easily transform to demands. As such, core organizational alignment is fundamental for maximizing strategic presence in today’s competitive landscape.

Contemporary organizational leaders have recognized the judicious nature of information acquisition for the success and sustainability of their businesses. It is through the use of assessments that the most successful organizations are able to capitalize on the data and recognize the wealth of information available at their fingertips.

Talent acquisition and retention is a key indicator of organizational performance. Organizations rely on human capital and the information derived through assessments runs far deeper than the most transparent team member or new hire we could ever acquire.

D.I.AL.O.G. (Data Indicating Alignment of Organizational Goals) is an organizational assessment tool that derives data identifying critical factors used to determine to enhance improved strategic and company-wide goals. This tool also provides concrete data that depicts critical components contradicting organizational mission and goals. This approach is unique because it measures interdependent prognosticators of imminent power. The D.I.AL.O.G. assessment tool provides our clients with the comprehensive perspective based on the criteria for Performance Excellence supported by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program.

Download a D.I.AL.O.G. sample report for your perusal.


The Attributes Index ™ provides the most comprehensive measurement tailored to determine on how an individual thinks and makes decisions. By understanding how an individual thinks we are able to capitalize on that information and leverage the information to make improved decisions, mitigate risks, maximize results. Ultimately, the scores of this index provides the organization the actual data needed to achieve calculate heightened solutions.


Download The Attributes Index ™ for more information.

The DISC Index is a leading index for a reason. This index is renowned for providing the most comprehensive measuremedisc-logonts scoring an individual’s natural and adaptive behavioral styles. These results prove vital when working with colleagues, teams, or customers. As a manager or leader, this index is the foundation for providing optimal management and/or leadership to followers, insomuch as controlling conflict management and resolution. By understanding how one prefers to behave, the organization is in an optimal position to capitalize on strategic maneuvers while reducing unwarranted stress.

Download The DISC Index   for more information.

The Values Index ™ transports the most inclusive understanding of an individual’s motivational and value structure. In an effvalues-logoort to truly motivate, it is critical that we know what motivates others. In addition, success is far more natural when motivation is derived from inherent passion and drive – that which is (or is not) provided in the workplace. These scores place the individual and the organization in a far greater position for natural path to success.


Download The Values Index ™ for more information.

With over 30 years of research, Dr Robert Hartman of Yale and MIT integrated over 80 business-related competencies to pin-point the accuracy of the Attributes Index. Dr Moulton Marston and Dr Clark used the theoretical underpinnings of Carl Jung’s philosophical basis to develop the leading tool that measures four primary behavior traits by way of the DISC Index. In addition, Dr Spranger and Dr Allport may be honored for developing the model – the model that is the result of two merging theories that creates a comprehensive understanding of what drives and individual. These tools offer the process of quantifying data native to essential individual traits.




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