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Leadership & Growth Forum: Dedicated to Growth through the Power of Your Leadership

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Leadership is an elite position. It’s been earned. Your leadership impacts more than just your direct reports. Your leadership influences front line workers, boards of directors, customers. Your leadership trickles through families and communities.

advanced-insights-logoOurs is a live virtual forum hosted monthly and designed specifically for our contemporary executive leaders. We are taking advantage of the ability to unite the best leaders, regardless of industry or geographic location. Regardless of industry, the one commonality we all share as leaders is that we all know what it’s like to sit at the helm.

Using expert methodologies, our members achieve measures of success that consistently place them outranking their competition by at least 3x.  Moderated by experts in the field, our facilitators possess over a century of industry experience; with marked success working with small businesses to Fortune 100s. An added benefit of the Executive Leaders Forum is that member’s have access to not just one executive or leadership coach, but two. To learn more about what it’s all about, click here. For a quick Q&A of the most common questions about our forum, please review the Q&A Truth Behind the Power. To register, click here. For a more comprehensive overview, download this illustrative whitepaper. 

What is Cornerstone to Driving Leadership Performance?

Did you know that we are four times more successful when we make decisions with the support of our peers? We are 74% more successful when we are being held accountable by a coach or trusted advisor.

As business leaders, we know what it’s like to sit at the helm. We know what it’s like when everyone is relying on us for answers, when we have a board of directors to answer to and/or payroll to meet. We also know what it’s like to have an amazing opportunity that could maximize profits – but still not completely confident with the best course of action.

Using a trifecta, supported by the Baldrige Standards for Excellence, and the Scholar-Practitioner-Leader Model, this is an EDWOSB facilitated group, backed by D & B and moderated by a few of the Association for Leadership Practitioner’s top team members. Marked success, these moderators are seasoned executive coaches and strategic consultants possessing well over a century of industry experience.

♦Members report an improvement in areas such as,

♦Improved team building & effectiveness

♦Improved business management

♦Risk reduction & mitigation

♦Enhanced leadership development

♦Improved time management

♦Improved talent acquisition and retention

♦Increased workplace cohesiveness

♦Increased revenues

♦Decreased operating expenses

Accountability is at the heart of our peer forums. We hold one another accountable because we realize that 93% of executives recognize that accountability creates a harbor for innovation – a pathway to greater success.

Even when we know we are making the right decision, 96% of leaders feel like they make better decisions when they’ve had the chance to discuss options with their peers. Multiply that by the number of peers sitting in on our virtual forum and the results are remarkable.


What to Expect

Virtual forums are held once per month and member’s have access to an executive or leadership coach for 30 minute sessions outside the realm of the monthly forum. This opportunity greatly enhances member’s focus, accuracy, and attention. This means that the member is even better prepared for the monthly peer forum because he dedicated time with his leadership or executive coach specifically intended to prepare – thereby greatly increasing the value received at the next monthly forum. Some members take advantage of this time with an executive or leadership coach to work on concerns or opportunities that are more private in nature; those concerns that he may not yet be ready to bring to his peers.

Annual retreats are another benefit of the Elite Leader’s Forum. These retreats are dedicated two to three days in a destination decided upon by the group. These retreats are designed to provide members the opportunity to unite in a face-to-face modality. The relationships that form from virtual work settings can be remarkable. Since people working in virtual modalities don’t have the luxury of face-to-face communication, the reliance on web-based modalities greatly heightens each individuals capacities for optimum communication efforts. The relationships borne of these types of virtual modalities are amazing. The retreats are designed to serve as a celebratory occasion – to physically introduce the individuals we’ve grown to rely upon.

In addition, we have dedicated expert speakers join us periodically throughout the year. These speakers are experts in their field of expertise and present at our forum with the sole purpose of providing subject matter expertise designed specifically for the needs of the members.


Our Primary Moderator 

Dr Jejen-pic-for-alpnnifer Beaman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer is also an accomplished management and strategic consultant. Also serving as an executive and leadership coach, she possesses validated success with large and small Fortune businesses nationwide. Working with in Fortune 100-500 companies to small entrepreneurial businesses, her expertise has assisted executives and organizational leaders for the past 25 years. With a focus on the executive and the leader, Dr Beaman’s passion is improving strategic presence, increasing management practices, developing leadership capacities, and mitigating risk. Dr Beaman holds a Doctorate in Leadership with a focus in Organizational Leadership, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Development. She is the founder of the Association for Leadership Practitioners, a subsidiary of the Practitioners for Transformational Leadership.



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