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…. and Here Comes Our Gen Zs

…. and Here Comes Our Gen Zs 

I am a major advocate for workplace diversity. There is so much to be said when we embrace differences other than our own. It’s truly like strengthening the weave of a basket: the tighter our threads, the stronger we become. The same is certainly true when welcoming Generation Zs to our workplace.

We aren’t lacking resources needed to help us along the way. It’s just a matter of taking the bull by the horn and acting on the information we have. It’s a matter of taking care of such precious assets (our people).

With the speed of technology and globalization, matched with a lack of quality leadership talent – we’ve got our work set out for us. A recent study at Randstad (2016) argued that we’re actually facing a serious crisis when it comes to Millennial managers who are not prepared to lead with emotional intelligence. That means aspects such as managing teams and motivation are not tended to with the care or concern needed. Communication was on that list. So is trust and honesty. We all know how important effective communication is. We certainly know how challenging it can be.

Consider the magnitude of this reality. Left unattended, we may see mayhem in our near future.

What about possessing a solid grasp on political issues? I mean – a really solid understanding about how the political front impacts the organizations we’re leading?

The great news is that Millennials are so used to technology, that they’ve got this down pat. What’s more – Generation Z literally knows no different. They’ve nailed the technology-front. In further support, Gen Z feel they do their best work when such factors are considered:

  • 56% attribute people to the equation. Who they work with is very important to them
  • 51% seek managers who value them; and who listen. They want to know their ideas and opinions are heard
  • 46% want regular feedback; they value mentoring

But 84% do not feel a sense of connection to their employer or company (Gallop, 2016).

With less than one-third of Millennials engaged – what about our Millennials who are managing our Gen Zs?

To learn more about Randstad’s research, click here.