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How Come Women Aren’t Speaking Up?

Our Leaders, Executives, Speakers….

How Come Women Aren’t Speaking Up?

It’s not for a lack of female leaders, executives, or speakers. Yes, of course we all know what Jones (2017) refers to as the heavy-hitters – the really famous women we either know or know about. But what about the women in our own organizations and/or communities who we know are excelling – who are doing a beautiful job advocating for whatever or wherever their passion is taking them?

Maybe they just aren’t speaking up?

If so, why? Is it because of the old bias or barriers we’re still trying to crack or is it something else?

I know, I know. The corporate world in general, usually favors men. But to argue the possible truth behind all that, matched with the lack of general opportunity for women (versus men), maybe we should consider why women aren’t speaking up more often.

Or speaking in general.

For those of you who are women and who may be new to the executive or leadership world, I’ve got your back. Lots of us do. For those of you who have women on your teams who may be new to the corporate world (or to your business), now might be a great time to consider what, if anything, might be holding them back. Click here to read more about Jones (2017) post, Where are All the Female Speakers?

Due to perceived biases, it is possible that our women executives and leaders:

• Have been cornered into fearing inadequacy

• Bombarded by politics surrounding the topic, in general

• Inadvertently labeled as being ‘emotionally-driven’ (reconsider the power here)

• Men are ‘driven’, whereas women may be labeled as too aggressive, or worse: ‘the B-word’

• Technical expertise is questioned, leading to frustration

So, how do we fix this?



I know things are starting to get better, but we’re not there yet.

Not even close.