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Trusted Advisors

Coaching Hands

As business leaders and owners, it is imperative that we are on top of our game. Why not take advantage of the opportunity so many other business leaders have already seized? Every successful organizational leader, senior executive, C-level executive, or business owner has had a trusted advisor to guide, support, and provide nuggets of wisdom. After all, anyone who strives to reach greater heights is four times more likely to reach those goals with a support system (Ericcson, 1996). As a trusted advisor, our coaches and mentors provide industry specific expertise, weaved with credentials and training.

Our role as your trusted advisor is to create and maintain a supportive environment that promotes conditions for continuous improvement. We capitalize on the strengths you possess to create an avenue to capitalize on those traits; we acknowledge areas for improvement and guide you through reinforcement. As an active partner, your trusted advisor supports self-directed improvement while suggesting goals and providing resources, wisdom, and knowledge.

We recognize that organizational leaders, senior executives, C-level managers, and business owners who are committed to the process reap greater rewards, so the trusted advisor relationship is borne of a genuine drive to improve. We also realize that when the individual is involved in diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating their own needs and progress, they are more likely to sustain progress (Knowles, 1980, as cited by Zachary, 2000).

Executive or Leadership Coaches

Why coaching? The strongest driving force that transforms an amateur and an elite performer is the sheer fact that elite contributor seeks out coaches and participate in administered support. Those who track and report their progress to someone holding them accountable are 76% more likely to reach those goals (Ericsson, 1996). To further strengthen success, those who form a solid working relationshimentors for leadersp with their supporter drive up the rate exponentially.

As an organizational leader, senior executive, C-level manager, or business owner, you have mastered the art of your trade. You have discovered the gift you possess that puts you in prime position. Yet, even with a strong leadership team and the best of intentions, many businesses face challenges that they are unprepared to meet. The most successful business leaders have an executive coach in the shadows ensuring they also reach the highest of goals. Having an executive leadership coach is not a luxury, in today’s global environment – it has become a necessity.

What makes coaching different from consulting or mentoring is that coaching provides unparalleled support in helping the client reach his or her goals, unveiling blind spots, guiding the client in the most appropriate direction, and ensuring accountability. The power and potential that coaching provides offers organizational leaders, senior executives, and business owners the tools to achieve optimum performance, execute strategies, improve effectiveness, streamline processes, and ultimately bring clarity.

Executive or Leadership Mentor

Our mentors are your trusted advisors. Congruent with the needs of contemporary business leaders, our mentoring program is consistent with the paradigm of andragogic principles. Your executive or leadership mentor will guide you, using the wisdom borne of years of experience in the field, backed by heightened credentials toward the path to success faster – more effectively and efficiently. Serving as facilitators for growth and development, we understand the value in a mentor/mentee relationship. To learn more about our mentoring programs, submit an inquiry or schedule directly with one of our mentors. Should we feel our services will help you, the next step is to schedule a complementary mentoring session.

Your Trusted Advisor is More Than Just a Support System

All programs and services adhere to a comprehensive perspective based on our trifecta model to ensure standards of excellence.

The team at the Association for Leadership Practitioners provides customized executive coaching and mentoring for business leaders, business owners, senior executives, or C-level managers. Serving as a trusted advisor is one of the most sought out service noticed from our clientele.

Our frameworks follow expert methodologies customized for each client. To learn more about our trusted advisor programs, submit an inquiry and one of our experts will schedule an introductory call. Should we believe that our services will help you, the next step is to schedule a complementary session. Our programs offer clients the opportunity to graduate to membership when they have reached a measure of succesconsulting handss borne of the transformational process.

Those clients eligible to transfer to a graduated membership program participate in continuous guided group facilitation designed to enhance practice, skills, and sustain a competitive edge. While searching for the perfect fit, please note that credible mentors require some type of accreditation – usually by holding a certification from an accredited coaching/mentoring association or possessing terminal degree in the field.


Our Team of Trusted Advisors

Our team comes highly trained and with well over a century of combined experience. Our thorough selection criteria ensure that you will be partnered with a coach who possesses the knowledge, qualifications, credentials, and years of industry experience who truly understands your needs. While searching for the perfect fit, please note that credible coaches require some type of accreditation – either by holding a terminal degree in the field or in the form of certification from a nationally or internationally-based consulting alliance, in addition to considerable industry experience.

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