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We’re the CEO, but We’re Also Human

Why Do It Alone?

In a recent conversation with a client, he was explaining the course of events that took place at a team meeting the week prior. This client is the CEO of a solid company. Throughout the course of our conversation, it sounded like his team was demanding more of his attention. Needless to say, he had explained to his team that although he can perform any role at the company, he can’t do it all.


In the midst of this group of tired and likely frustrated team, this CEO was still exuding appreciation for each member of his team. However, he was also admitting that he doesn’t always have all the answers. We’re human. Nor should he have to labor over all of this. This is a good example of that old adage, work smarter, not harder. Consider the importance of working on our business.gray-and-red-arrows-icon-pic1

This is also a good example of why most organizational leaders and executives work with a trusted advisor. Whether it’s an executive coach or mentor, the key takeaway is that the most successful CEOs, Presidents, VPs, business owners (or whatever the title might be), realize that we can’t do this alone. Nor do we have to. Whether you excel in face-to-face support or prefer the flexibility of virtual support, we’ve got you covered.

Studies show that those who work with a trust advisor are more than 76% successful than those who don’t. Click here  to read more~