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Capitalize on What Comes Naturally and See How Much Easier Life Becomes

Capitalize on What Comes Naturally

 … It Makes Life (and Work) So Much Easier!

We all know that we tend to thrive when we’re working in a position that we love. We’re going to do better work. Our productivity proves it. We are much more likely to want to pull ourselves out of that comfy bed every morning and come to work every day when we know we’re going to be met with the type of work that we find most thrilling or fulfilling and most worthwhile.

I love my work. It makes me so happy to hear about others who have landed a career that they absolutely love, too. But some of us might be going through the motions right now – until we land our dream job.

Truth be told, what I consider such rewarding work might be something you might point your nose up at; or it might be something that you’d consider terribly boring!

Research shows that organizational revenues are directly correlated to things like this, too. That’s why most company’s use some type of assessment during the hiring process. It’s so the organization can take advantage of the individual’s innate traits. It also gives managers the tools to motivate in a way that the individual is most likely to respond to. It’s also the reason we use assessments with clients, too.

We’re human. We mean to be transparent. But sometimes it’s challenging to be forthcoming about something we didn’t realize we needed to be forthcoming about. Blind spots are blind spots because we can’t find them on our own. Sometimes we don’t even realize they make such an impact.

One of the most common errors in motivation is trying to use a motivational tactic on someone who they could give two hoots about. It’s not going to work and it’s not the employees fault. Management should know their employees well enough to know how to properly motivate them.

And the list goes on.

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