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Brainstorming & The Strategic Planning Process

Brainstorming: Such a Simple & Effective Tool

Organizing and preparing for any strategic change effort requires a whole lot of planning. When we have prepared a clear and concise plan, we are far better prepared for the execution stage. Sometimes an organization’s lead teams become so used to continuous improvement efforts that they forget about some of the hidden benefits of brainstorming ….together.

  • our team gets the chance to share thoughts and ideas in a collective manner. This increases cohesiveness
  • we provide the opportunity to unveil blind spots; issues or opportunities we may not have realized because we’re so focused on the goal
  • we can take advantage of the planning stages in an optimal manner. After all, if we’ve created an optimal plan, it increases success rates during the execution stage

The ticket is to conduct brainstorming efforts effectively. If we aren’t careful, it can wind up wasting a lot of precious time. The first rule of thumb is to focus on objectives. To do so most proficiently though, we also need to realize the process of analyzing those objectives.

  • Determine the problem that needs to be solved. Consider the use of hypotheses
  • Creating a few hypotheses is a great way to get the innovative juices flowing
  • Consider having your team generate ideas separately. This can be achieved by simply asking them to consider some ideas before the meeting. This will help the team avoid falling into groupthink

Managing change efforts can be a really comprehensive process. Brainstorming on the other hand, can offer so many benefits – it might be worth the extra step. Click here to read about the Seven Steps to Better Brainstorming.