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Best Way to Recharge Your Batteries? Take a Much Needed Break

We’re Executives. We’re Leaders.

But We’re Also Human and We Deserve a Break

I know that if you are reading this, you have reached the level of your entrepreneurial venture (if you just so happen to be an entrepreneur!) out of sheer determination.

Peppered with an above-average level of brilliance. Align that with the unbelievable fortitude you possess. Plus, your stamina is far and above the Average Joe. It’s obvious because it’s clearly exuded in the resolute strength you bring to the table day after day.

…but you’re also human.

And you should allot yourself a vacation every once in a while. If not a full-fledged vacation anytime soon, then get into the habit of taking a good solid break every once in a while.

The type of break where you completely take you mind off work. Time to recharge your batteries.

Sometimes that easier said than done because lots of us love our work. Or some of us might be in a situation where there is so much that needs to be done that we can’t fathom the idea of taking any time off to do ‘nothing’.

From a Primal Standpoint

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding experiences ever! Never is there a dull moment. There is always something that needs to be done. What’s more – as entrepreneurs, most of us really enjoy having our noses buried in our work. It’s our baby.

But from a biological standpoint it is humanly impossible to perform at our optimal peaks without giving ourselves some time to recoup. Working for long stints takes a toll.

I know. That’s nothing new. But as I’ve mentioned before in previous posts is that our brains are busy at work doing a whole lot behind the scenes for us. Our brains are busy firing away all those neurons. But to work most efficiently and certainly most effectively all those millions of neurons need energy. And they get their energy from oxygen, blood, and glucose.

Our precious brains are expending an enormous amount of energy tending to whatever it is we’re so focused on.

What’s more – the physiological part of the painting adds even more color to the picture. The longer we go without breaks, the lower the level of information we’re able to process. Constant stimulation is being received – don’t get me wrong, but our brains aren’t doing anything with it anymore. All of that sustained attention has overloaded our brains to the point that it has to erase some of it so it can still focus on some of the other basic responsibilities it must also tend to.

In other words, it is fundamentally impossible to sustain optimal performance for long periods of time. Our productivity goes way, way down. What we could have/should have got done in an hour or so has now taken about three hours… and we will definitely need to review it with a fresh set of eyes because the precision that we typically produce just isn’t there.

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