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Attention: Our Elite Leaders


Dedicated for the Best: Our Leaders

Uniting the Elite 

We are four times more successful when we make decisions with the support of our peers. Regardless of industry, the one commonality we all share as leaders is that we all know what it’s like to sit at the helm. It can be a lonely place when you consider the breadth of responsibility lying on our shoulders – when everyone is looking to us for leadership.

Leadership is an elite position. It’s been earned. Your leadership impacts more than just your direct reports. Your leadership influences front line workers, boards of directors, customers. Your leadership trickles through families and communities.

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The stats are pretty impressive: even when they know we are right, 96% of leaders feel they make better decisions when they’ve had the chance to discuss option with their peers. Multiply that by the number of peers sitting at our virtual round table and the results are remarkable.

Studies show that 70% of organizational change efforts fail with facilitated support. Consider your dedicated peer group and executive coach  and there is literally no reason for a failed change effort. Improve planning procedures. Disrupt the planning stages to avoid failure.

Many, if not most organizations want their executives to be successful. After all, they are a direct influence on the business, as a whole. A common gap exists in many organizations – and that is the fact that they encourage and want their people to seek and retain support. However, they oftentimes don’t provide it. Even with the best of intentions, less than half are encouraged to seek support.

Studies show that lack of clarity is a very common reason for missed deadlines, errors, or internal organizational mistakes.  With 69% of these mishaps being the result of ineffective communication, how can an organization expect its executives to thrive?

Accountability is at the heart of our peer groups. We hold one another accountable because we realize that 93% of executives recognize that accountability creates a harbor for innovation – a path for success.

Using a set of models and methodologies supported by the Malcolm Bridge Standards for Excellence, Wiley & Sons, and the Scholar-Leader-Practitioners Model, this is an EDWOSB facilitated group, backed by Dunn & Bradstreet and moderated by a few of the Association for Leadership Practitioner’s top team members. Marked success, these  facilitators  are seasoned executive coaches and strategic consultants possessing well over a century of industry experience.

Members report an improvement in areas such as,

  • Improved team building & effectiveness
  • Risk reduction & mitigationmentors for leaders
  • Improved business management
  • Enhanced leadership development
  • Improved time management
  • Improved talent acquisition and retention
  • Improved team building & effectiveness
  • Increased workplace cohesiveness
  • Increased revenues
  • Decreased operating expenses

We retain the best because our leaders deserve it. There is a reason why it works.

Our first session will be held on Thursday, November 17th at 9am CST via GoTo Meetings.  For more information, please contact Dr Jennifer Beaman at or Van Twuyver at

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Seats are Limited