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Hats Off to Those Who Persevere

hats-off-preseverance-pictureIt’s Worth It: Our Local Leaders Have Proven It

It’s no secret the economic situation has bruised many businesses. Even if we aren’t in an industry that is directly impacted, chances are we have customers who are. Which means we’re hit by the local economic turmoil, too. We can consider some degree of cyclical rebound in 2017, but we all know that the long term potential requires acute attention to detail on our part.

When environmental circumstances threaten our economy to this degree, it’s not uncommon that we’ll see some businesses resorting to ‘unusual’ means to turn a profit. I’m trying to be polite here when I use the word ‘unusual’. You know what I mean – we see businesses, leaders, and staff resorting to practices that they might not otherwise resort to – because they feel their back is up against the wall. Their ethical core is being tested.

There is a particular handful of local leaders here in the Tulsa area who have closed ranks and are proving that external environmental threats  can be tackled. These leaders have done an extremely commendable job rising above. Hats off my friends.

It’s been quite impressive to watch how some organizational leaders really buckle down and tackle this with a vengeance. Considering the sheer force – the reality is that this can dampen and threaten to destroy so many organizations. We know all too well that some haven’t survived. However, some realigned, positioned themselves and their teams, and went into battle (so to speak).

Situations like these are true testaments to our leadership. We know that our staff is modeling every move we make, our board is hovering and hounding, all while we’re trying to negotiate improved or new strategies.

….and nothing is more impressive than to watch them take the bull by the horns and lead their teams through. This is a true testament to leadership.

This message is for all leaders whose perseverance is being tested. For those of you whose sense of ethics and morality serve as a compass that help navigate improved and realigned strategies – no doubt, this is tough… but pat yourselves on the back for transforming perilous threats into sustainable opportunities.