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Monthly Archives: May 2017

What We Can Learn from the Navy SEALS: Lessons Learned

Leadership Lessons What We Can Learn from the Navy SEALS As posited by Wheal and Kotler (2017), ‘for typical organizations… training is either a necessary evil endured by new hires, a perk reserved for executives or ‘high potentials’ or, come crunch time, an expense to be cut’ . But it doesn’t have to be that way. Nor should it. […]


What is the REAL Foundation of Leadership?

Posner Shares the Four Primary Traits: The REAL Foundation of Leadership If people don’t believe in the message, they certainly aren’t going to believe the messenger [you, their leader] (Posner, 2015). There are four fundamental things we subconsciously look for when we are willing to follow. By using the word follow, I really mean people […]


Top 5 Reasons Most Leaders Are Not Qualified to Lead

Top 5 Reasons Most Leaders Shouldn’t Be Leading Lack of true and much-needed leadership talent is no surprise these days. Many organizations are still [stuck] in the mindset that promotion is based on traditional concepts and functions. According to Llopis (2017), approximately 25% of our leaders seemed to have lost touch with the importance of contemporary […]


What? Got a Real Rival at Work and Didn’t Even Know It?

Nemesis. Adversary. Contender. Foe. Rival. One in the Workplace and Didn’t Even Realize It? Such is life. Funny how this type of stuff follows us far past high school, isn’t it though? Well, it’s really not so funny. Not at all. There is a healthy degree of the competition borne of knowing that our nemesis is […]