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“Dr Beaman and the Association for Leadership Practitioners has returned a thousand fold on our investment within our core group. My company has received great benefit from the leadership and guidance of my fellow business leaders, who have wholeheartedly devoted their attention, support, and thoughtful advice. I am indebted to them and very proud to be an ALP member.” ~Justin S, Tulsa, OK
“Having inherited our business from my father, I soon realized that coming on board with my grand ideas for expansion weren’t as received as good as I expected (from employees). After working with Dr Beaman, I learned it was the business culture that I was dealing with. The barriers I faced by taking over for my father shouldn’t have been as hard as I had made them. I am so fortunate to have Dr Beaman help me through this. I’ve been working with her and the Association for Leadership Practitioners (when I started, it was still under Practitioners for Transformational Leadership) for almost 6 years. We retained their services for change management consulting services back in 2010 and we were very successful with the new strategic plan they helped me and my team create. Even though the early stages were hard, we made it and we couldn’t have done it without Dr Beaman and her team. We decided to keep her on retainer because having a trusted advisor has proven to be invaluable to me as the CEO of a business that has been serving the community for so long.” ~Michael, Oceanside, CA
“I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Jennifer Beaman and the Association for Leadership Practitioners as part of my professional odyssey. Jennifer and I have worked together for the past two years helping me transition from the private sector into the world of non-profit economic development. Her insight and guidance has helped me become more effective with my board of directors, resulting in greater engagement by its members. As a result, my confidence has grown and I am successfully driving needed changes that are benefiting our clients. Jennifer has challenged me to ask more of myself and to find ways to inspire others, through humility, empathy, and being optimistic about what can be achieved. I am grateful to have such an inspiration at my side during this journey!” ~Dave R, Tulsa, OK

Enhancing the lives of business leaders

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Our Mission

To enhance the lives of business leaders by capitalizing on individual proficiency and improving organizational effectiveness

Our Values

We foster executive and leadership development by guiding individuals to enhance skills and enrich practices to support the transformation of organizational strategies. We challenge professionals to reach greater heights and capitalize on the gift of diversity to increase system efficiency

Our Vision

To provide leaders and executives nationwide, the tools needed to improve and sustain heightened success rates and mitigate risk -- thereby maximizing revenues

Our Purpose

We provide leadership and executive coaching, leadership development, mentoring, and consulting services for small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits locally and nation-wide


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